Our Aims and Values

Rharian Fields philosophy and mission statement

We feel strongly that the client is an equal partner in the management of their eating disorder and we respect that they are the expert in their individual illness.

We also know that family has an important role to play on the journey to recovery and so we ensure that family and carers needs are met and that their opinions are heard and, where appropriate, they are offered their own carers assessment.

As an NHS provider, all the services we offer are free to our users if they are referred via a health care professional. We are also able to offer our Inpatient Service on a private basis. Please click here for more information.

Our mission is to provide a service we would be happy for our own family members to use.

  • We will work with your aspirations with hope and optimism to promote your recovery and to enable you to work towards a valued lifestyle within and beyond the limits of your eating disorder.
  • We will promote safety and work positively with risk to empower you to exercise personal choice and responsibility for yourself. We will actively encourage you to be involved in your own risk assessments and risk management plans.
  • As a team we recognise individuality and value and promote diversity at all levels.
  • We will provide you with evidence-based, high quality, individualised, holistic care. At Rharian Fields all our staff take the time to develop and build an empathic supportive and collaborative relationship with you based on compassion, professionalism and respect. We will promote your dignity at all times.
  • We are sensitive to your suffering and your fluctuating motivation to change. We will assist you through your journey here at Rharian Fields to promote your recovery.
  • All staff will deliver a service that they would wish their own loved ones to receive.

Anorexia took my energy and passion