Our team

Meet the Team

Rharian Fields provides a specialist service to address the complex needs of clients in a safe therapeutic environment.  Our team have attended comprehensive training courses delivered by leading academics in the eating disorder field ensuring their knowledge and learning is always at the forefront of current thinking.

At Rharian Fields all of our staff will take the time to develop and build an empathic, supportive and collaborative relationship with our service users based on compassion, professionalism and respect.

Our small but dedicated team consists of

-A Senior Operations Manager

-A Clinical Lead responsible for inpatient services

-A Clinical Lead responsible for outpatient services

-A Consultant Psychiatrist

-A Staff Grade Doctor or F2 Doctor

-Registered Nurses Mental Health

-Nursing Assistants



-Trainee Health Psychologist

-Clinical Psychologist

-Patient Carer Liason Worker

Every staff member will go above and beyond