Treatments and Interventions

Treatments available at Rharian Fields

There is a wide choice of options for different treatments and interventions that Rharian Fields can offer to our clients to aid recovery in all aspects of our clients’ lives. These include psychological therapies, education, social and leisure, self-esteem, relapse prevention, anxiety, diet, relaxation, tai chi, body image and flexibility.

Clients will be given information on all proposed treatments to enable them to make informed choices at all stages of their treatment.

Treatment will include evidence-based interventions such as (but not limited to):


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that can help individuals  manage their problems by changing the way they think and behave. It is based on the concept that your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are interconnected, and that negative thoughts and feelings can trap you in a vicious cycle.

Complementary Therapies and Leisure Groups

Rharian Fields staff are trained to offer a wide range of complementary therapies to help support the holistic nature of our programme as part of the overall recovery process. These include:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Mindfulness
  • Reiki
  • Indian Head massage
  • Relaxation
  • Reflexology
  • Hand and foot massage
  • Yoga
  • Swimming at the local pool.
  • Beauty treatments
  • Art / Drama therapy
Extensive range of treatments

Family interventions

We appreciate that Eating Disorders can also have a wider impact than just the individual themselves and so, where appropriate, we work with the wider family unit and also have access to the Systemic Family Therapy Team based with NAViGO for more in-depth family counselling.

Other treatment options on offer include:

  • motivational enhancement work
  • cognitive remediation therapy
  • dialectical behaviour therapy
  • nutritional interventions
  • supported mealtimes
  • physical monitoring

Groups for Carers

Rharian Fields try and encourage parents and carer involvement in the recovery of every client and find that open groups that friends and family can attend are effective at building positive relationships, improving understanding between all family members as well as offering support to each other.

We also offer a monthly carers support group for carers and family members of current clients.  1-1 sessions with carers can also be arranged by appointment should you require this.