Referrals Process

Referrals for all Rharian Fields Services are made directly to the unit.

Tel: 01472 808450


To increase the accessibility of our Eating Disorder Service, we accept referrals made by any health or social care professional.

Referral forms for all our services can be accessed here.

All relevant information is required before a referral will be considered.  Along with a fully completed referral form we will also require current blood test results and a recent ECG.  This information enables our team to make an informed decision about the risks associated with each individual case and facilitates us to implement the most appropriate care package in a timely manner.

All referrals will be reviewed in relation to the seriousness of the individual case either on the same day or the following morning.  Referrals received over a weekend will be reviewed first thing on the Monday morning by a Senior Eating Disorder Practitioner.

Each element of the service has specific eligibility and exclusion criteria which can be found on the service pages here:

Rharian Fields Outpatient Service

Rharian Fields Day Patient Service

Rharian Fields Inpatient Service

Privately funded treatment at Rharian Fields

Getting the right help and support at the right time is extremely important and can be the first step to recovery. This is why Rharian Fields accepts both NHS and privately funded clients for eating disorder treatment.

For an informal discussion about private referrals to the unit, please contact us directly.